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Ibiyaya TrackPack for Birds



***Please note this item ships factory direct from Ibiyaya via Ground Shipping from California so please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

“Go on a thrilling adventure with the best-equipped bird backpack!”

With a bird carrier backpack built particularly for them, you may explore the wild with your favorite feathered companion! Lovebirds, Senegal parrots, pionites, grass birds, parakeets, cockatiels, honeyeaters, and other small to medium-sized birds would benefit from the Ibiyaya TrackPack. It’s ideal for hiking and many exciting excursions with your pet bird!

We spent more than two years developing this product to its current iteration, with hands-on collaboration with bird pet parents and our product partner, BirdTricks, who assisted with the creation of the Ibiyaya TrackPack for birds.

  • With the correct color, you can blend in with your surroundings: The hue of the TrackPack is ideal for blending in with the surroundings. Its light brown hue is not brilliant, so it will not disturb the surroundings as you hike with your bird.
  • Wooden Perch with Hemp Rope for your Bird’s Comfort: The Hemp Rope Wooden Perch is easy to clean and comfy for your bird. The perch is also easily removable for cleaning. Screws hold everything together, making it stable, secure, and comfy for your bird. This is the perfect bird backpack with perch for adventurous hikers and their feathered friends.
  • Easy to clean, even easier to store: It has a removable design that makes cleaning a breeze, and the bird backpack carrier itself is compact. It’s foldable and collapsible, making it ideal for travel. A detachable plastic pan for your bird’s excrement is also included on the bottom. Velcro secures the detachable pan, making it easier to attach and remove as needed. As needed, diaper pads can be added.
  • For additional adventures, it’s water-repellent! The fabric is constructed of 304 stainless steel mesh that is airy and ideal for ventilation and is water repellent, responding to the transient light rain outside.
  • PE seam reinforcement:  To make the bird backpack with perch more durable, it is strengthened with PE seams. It also consisted of anti-rust and breathable 304 stainless steel mesh. The ultra-fine steel mesh guarantees enough ventilation for your bird while keeping annoying bugs away.
  • It’s ideal for traveling: The rear seat belt loop can be used to secure the car seat belt, and the bird backpack carrier can be utilized as a car safety seat. The backpack is also lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for traveling.
  • Ergonomic layout: The bird travel backpack has an ergonomic design that fits your body perfectly. The adjustable chest strap adds stability, and the bilateral screws keep your bird’s perch from buckling when hiking. Steel bowls are also affixed to the inside of the backpack. You may also use the metal rings to hang the bird’s favorite toys. Furthermore, the Velcro-secured shading flap provides privacy for the bird.
  • Excellent for trekking and traveling: The bird carrier backpack is composed of breathable, water-resistant fabric that will not overheat your bird. It’s additionally reinforced with PE seams to ensure that it’ll last through extended hikes. The backpack is ideal for travel and trekking because it keeps your bird safe and secure while you’re on your excursion.
  • Long-lasting, durable, and repairable: This bird carrier bag is made of 304 stainless steel, which is a scratch- and peck-resistant material. The steel mesh lining may be removed and replaced if it becomes damaged due to consistent usage.
  • Use your walkie-talkie or phone to stay in touch with your hiking group. The TrackPack was created with easy-access movable storage pouches that can be connected to the sides or straps of the backpack to support the convenient usage of walkie-talkies or your phone.
  • Velcro patches that can be moved to keep your bird safe: The TrackPack has movable hole-sealing Velcro circular patches that can be used to cover unused holes and protect the beak and claws from injury. To avoid loss, these are meant to be readily stowed in the front pocket (which also has velcro attachment).
  • Safety comes first: The safety of you and your bird is always our top priority. The bird carrier bag  includes a convenient ring for attaching your emergency whistle, as well as an easy-access hanging storage bag that can be attached to the side or the backpack straps. Perfect for your walkie-talkie, phone, or any other tiny goods you’ll need access to fast when hiking.
  • Personalize with the name of your bird: A Velcro area on the front of the bird travel backpack allows you to put a personalized name tag for your bird in the bag.
  • Accessories in their entirety:  1 set of removable steel mesh, 1 feeding bowl (with clips*2), 1 perch, 1 bedpan, 2 hanging storage pouches, 3 knobs, and 6 Velcro patches are included in the whole set of accessories.
  • Suitable for other small animals: This pet backpack is also suitable for other small animals such as bunnies, smaller cats and kittens, small to medium-sized breed puppies, and similarly-sized animals. To check whether this product is suitable for your needs, check the measurements of your pet and compare them with the measurement of this pet backpack. Make the Ibiyaya TrackPack a part of your next expedition!

Here’s what Dave and Jamie have to say about working together:

“We were very happy to be a part of producing a reliable, sleek, and effective means to travel our feathered family members that also satisfied our strict safety and durability standards when Ibiyaya first approached us to collaborate on a bird backpack when they first came out to us. We built the Trackpack together, and everything about it, from the comfortable and ventilated interior to the durable and storage-friendly exterior, making it the ideal home away from home for your flock. We can’t wait for you and your feathered family to visit new destinations soon!”


  • Spot cleaning, handwash.
  • Cold.
  • Do not expose to sun directly.
  • Dry flat in shade.


  • Net.W.: 2.1kg; 4.6lbs
  • Measurements: L30 W27 H42 (cm); L11.8 W10.6 H16.5 (in)
  • Accessories: 1 set of removable steel mesh, 1 feeding bowl (with clips*2), 1 perch, 1 bedpan, 2 hanging storage pouches, 3 knobs, and 6 Velcro patches are included in the whole set of accessories.


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