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Adopting A Pet? 5 Hard Questions for Success - What Do You Do?
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Adopting A Pet? 5 Hard Questions for Success - What Do You Do?

What Do You Do?

Work or retired? 12 hour shifts? 9 to 5 but with an hour commute each way? Kids and their busy schedules added to yours?

If you’re not retired or someone who works from home, what you do will have a big impact on the type of dog you get. These are creatures who have needs, most of which are the same as us.


  1. Need frequent exercise
  2. Need mental stimulation (training, games, other activities)
  3. Need food and clean water daily
  4. Need a safe environment when they are alone

Let’s explore some examples.

Worker One:  Works in healthcare. Frequently works 12 hour shifts. Has a half hour commute each way.

13 hours is a LONG time to leave a dog alone. Will you be able to arrange for someone to let the dog out during the day? If you’d like a large breed dog, is a 15-20 minute walk before you leave for work something you can do? The same walk when you return?

Perhaps for this person, a smaller dog would be a better choice than a large breed.

Pet Accessories

Worker Two: Works from home but needs absolute quiet during their work hours. This owner should steer clear of the more vocal breeds (think Husky). A less “barky” dog would be perfect for this person.


Interactive Pet Toys

Worker Three:  Travels frequently. Sometimes for two to five days at a time. This owner will need to have arrangements for boarding, or for someone to pet sit in their home, and perhaps even an on-call person for short notice trips.

This potential owner should avoid breeds that are prone to separation anxiety, breeds that are less social, and those that tend to be of a more dominant nature (think working line German Shepherds).

OrthoPlush Beds

In a way the dog will have to work with your schedule, however, working with what the dog is capable of will lead to a happier, less frustrating, relationship between owner and pup.

In Part Three of Adoption – 5 Hard Questions for Success – we’ll ask:

How Do You Have Fun?

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