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Adopting A Pet? 5 Hard Questions for Success
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Adopting A Pet? 5 Hard Questions for Success

First – big sincere high five for thinking about adopting a pet! Awesome idea and a genuinely good way to add a wonderful member to your household.

Here’s where I’m going to be a buzzkill though. Some serious questions need to be asked before you go pick up that furball with the big eyes.

Who are you?

Do you…

  • Work from home
  • Work outside the home
  • Travel several times a month

Build the foundation of your new relationship from the ground up with some hard and very necessary questions.

Picture your life as it is right this minute. NOW drop a dog into it.

Where do you live?  City apartment? In the suburbs? In a rural part of the country?

Every location will have it’s good and bad points, however one of the biggest considerations comes when you’re choosing a dog. Are you thinking of a breed where long walks and outdoor treks are going to be a big part?

A Siberian Husky in the country is a different critter than one in the city. The dog will require pretty much the same level of exercise to keep healthy and stay happy, however, one location will definitely have more challenges than another.


Another challenge is your work.  

In Part Two of Adoption – 5 Hard Questions for Success – we’ll ask:

What Do You Do?

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