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About Our Sherpa

Our story has a humble beginning, sparked by an enterprising international flight attendant who saw an opportunity for pets and pet parents to have a better air travel experience. What followed was the pioneering creation of the Sherpa pet carrier, the first soft-sided carrier that allowed pets to fly in cabin with their owner. And over the next 30 years, we’ve led the industry in pet travel innovation, offering the best selling and most complete range of safe, durable and comfortable pet travel products in the industry.

Now more than ever, pets are coming along wherever you go. The local errand. The kid’s soccer game. The day hike. The road trip. The international adventure. Pet travel is now a part of your lives, and our team of product designers and engineers work every day to bring you solutions that make it safer and easier for pets to come along for the ride.

For safe travels near and far™.