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Adopting A Pet? 5 Hard Questions for Success -How Do You Have Fun?
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Adopting A Pet? 5 Hard Questions for Success -How Do You Have Fun?

How Do You Have Fun?

Sounds like an easy question, right? Maybe you’re a runner. Perhaps long hikes are your bag. Maybe you love to go swimming.

Or, maybe if you’re being honest, you’re a bit of a couch potato.

All of those are okay, but not all of them will work with every kind of dog.

Good intentions are wonderful to have, however, when another living creature is involved, action needs to follow.

Let’s say you want to get a dog because you would like to get up and get walking daily and the idea of taking a dog for a walk sounds great.

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While a person can take a day off here and there, perhaps even a week if needed, that dog still needs walked. Every day. No matter the weather. No matter how badly you slept or how snuggling in your warm bed sounds better than the rain outside.

We’re not talking about potty needs here, we’re talking about exercise needs. Not the same thing at all.

You’ll be a happier owner and your pet a better pal if having fun is considered when you’re deciding which pet is right for you.

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Some considerations include:

  • Do you want a small dog that can more easily go with you when performing your daily activities?
  • Do you want a larger dog to take on hikes and long walks during the week?
  • Do you want a dog you can take swimming, surfing, running or rollerblading with you?

Certain breeds of dogs require an extraordinary amount of care because of their genetic heritage.  A working line German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois is going to require a sincere commitment to exercise, both mental and physical, that many people will simply not be able to meet. It’s great to have a busy work and social life, however, a dog that needs extensive periods of consistent exercise might not be the best fit.

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Other breeds have less of a need for long walks and more of a need for time with their person that involves play, exercise, and mental work. Breeds such as beagles, terriers, French bulldogs, and even chihuahuas can be terrific pets. Do consider, however, that just because these dogs are small, does not mean they don’t grow out of their puppy stage and still need the care every dog requires.

Consider what you love to do and look at the different types of dogs that will help you live your best life.

 In Part Four of Adoption – 5 Hard Questions for Success – we’ll ask:

 Why do you want a pet?

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