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Exercise – It’s Not Just About The Body
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Exercise – It’s Not Just About The Body

One of the main things we’re told when we get a pet, particularly a dog, is that we should make sure our pet gets enough exercise.

“Enough exercise” varies wildly from breed to breed.

Dog Sudoku Medium Genie

A Chuahuahua needs a good half hour a day and that seems very easy to do. A 15 minute walk twice a day and this dog has it’s basic needs met.

A Siberian Husky, on the other hand, needs at least two hours a day, including some off leash time if available.

A Belgian Malinois is basically a perpetual motion machine and going out once or twice a day to throw a ball will never be enough for this type of working dog.

Knowing what your dog requires as far as physical exercise is important.

Equally as important is knowing how to provide mental stimulation for your pup.


2 Towers by My Intelligent Pets

Dogs are thinking creatures that in the wild would be tracking and hunting for hours as a time. Using their senses stimulates their minds and along with their daily movements, this forms a balance that enriches their lives.

Mental exercise – mental stimulation as it’s called – can come in a variety of forms.

  • Hiding treats and letting the dog do nose work
  • Agility work using poles, small jumps, and tunnels
  • Changing toys out so old toys become new again
  • Creative toys that require exploration and nose work

 Dog's Flower

We try our best to meet the exercise needs of our dogs and physical we often do really well.

With some mental stimulation for your pet you’ll add in a genuinely enjoyable exercise that creates a better balance for the dog you love.

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