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Ibiyaya TrackPack for Birds
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Ibiyaya TrackPack for Birds


If you’re looking for a bird backpack that is suitable for tiny to small birds and offers various features for their comfort and safety during adventures and travel, the Ibiyaya TrackPack for Birds by Mr. Peanut’s Pet Carriers will fill the bill 😊

Ibiyaya TrackPack for Birds


A suitable bird backpack for tiny to small birds such as -

  • Senegal parrots
  • Pionites
  • Grass birds
  • Cockatoos
  • Macaws
  • Budgies
  • Lovebirds
  • Parakeets
  • Cockatiels

-  would have the following features:

So Many Features!

Size: The backpack would be designed to accommodate tiny to small birds comfortably, with appropriate dimensions and space for them to move around.

Camouflage / Blending: The backpack would likely feature a design that blends in with the surroundings, providing a natural and calming environment for the birds.

Perch: The backpack would include a wooden perch with a hemp rope for the birds to rest and grip onto during travel or adventures.

Easy cleaning: The backpack would have detachable parts, such as a plastic pan or bedpan, which can be easily removed and cleaned after use.

Safety: To ensure the birds' safety during travel, the backpack would include a seatbelt loop or attachment to secure it in a car or other modes of transportation.

Breathable material: The backpack would be made of breathable materials to ensure proper airflow and ventilation for the birds.

Room For Two!

Accessories: The included accessories might consist of a set of removable steel mesh to provide additional protection and security, a feeding bowl with clips for convenience, additional perches, a bedpan for waste collection, hanging storage pouches for carrying essential items, knobs for customization or attachment of accessories, and Velcro patches for versatility.

These are general features that could be found in a bird backpack suitable for tiny to small birds. With the Ibiyaya TrackPack for Birds by Mr. Peanut’s Pet Carriers meets and exceeds the expecations and requirements discerning bird owners demand for their feathered friends.


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