Mr. Peanut's was started a few years ago while my Boston Terrier, Peanut, aka, Mr. Peanut, was going thru some late stage medical issues which led to kidney disease. Peanut had a charmed life, and I did not want his loss to be for naught. He inspired me to create a new kind of business, one which provides high quality, safe products for pets and humans alike, but also a compassionate business which gives as much as possible back to help other pets and animals of all kinds to live their lives free from human abuses. 

Pay a Shelter Pet Forward, ie, is the charitable "arm" of the business, and thru this program I donate products and funds to rescues, shelters and animal benefit organizations of all kinds and sizes. I regularly donate products throughout the USA but also work with organizations that distribute products and needed aid to animals all around the world, as animals do not see national manmade borders.

The business goal for Mr. Peanut's has always been, and will always be, to help animals of all kinds live abuse and torture free lives, simple as that, from cats and dogs to livestock and wildlife. All sentient animals deserve that from humans, and I will always fight the good fight. 

Thank You For Helping Me To Help Them