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Katziela Kangaroo Pouch Pet Carrier with Breathable Mesh



Bring your beloved fur baby anywhere your legs can carry you with the Pet Front Pack from Katziela. It’s a great way to give smaller dogs a break from walking on tiny legs all day long and gives them a chance to be included in more activities. The material comfortably cradles the front of your pet’s body with holes allowing paws and tail to pass through and the breathable mesh is easy to clean in the event of an accident.


•Wearable in the Front or Back

•Breathable Mesh Harness

•Padded Shoulder Straps

•Upgraded Padded Backer

•Expandable Zipper 

Our front and back dog carrier is great for high foot traffic areas, entering stores and businesses, public transportation, surfaces too hot for paws, camping, hiking, and steep trails, staying dry in the rain, keeping warm from the cold, and any time your little boy or girl needs a break from too much activity.


Featuring a padded backer for extra comfort and an upgraded zipper that expands an additional 3.5 inches, giving an extra room to breathe, settle in, and relax. The breathable mesh harness comfortably immobilizes your pet while traveling, trimming nails, and administering meds. GREAT FOR SMALL AND SENIOR PETS.

The Katziela dog chest carrier is great for senior dogs who are losing the ability to see and navigate and need extra attention. Keep them nearby and cozy while you work from home, run errands, take care of the house, and go on strolls together just like you used to.


Make sure your pet is never left stranded during the chaos of a natural disaster or emergency situation. It’s a safe way to have your pet with you while still having both hands free in the event of an evacuation or rescue.

It’s the perfect gift for cat dads and dog moms... Dogs rate it 5 barks out of 5! Cats give it 2 paws WAY up!


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