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About Our Travel Cat | Your Cat Backpack

About the Fantastic Products of Travel Cat - 

Emily & Ian here, co-founders (and also, husband and wife). Like many of you, we were inspired by our cats. More specifically, our first cat Andie, who we rescued on a whim after finding her abandoned in the back yard of a family member in 2017. I grew up with tons of animals, pretty much everything besides cats because of allergic parents, and Ian only ever had birds growing up.

When we rescued Andie, we weren't planning on getting a pet - and we didn't know anything about cats. But we thought seriously and hard about it and decided to go for it...we fell in love with her hard and fast.

Andie was our first cat and pet together, and she changed our lives. We couldn't believe all the negative things we had heard all of our lives about cats and cat people - because damn, having a cat is amazing and fills our lives with so much joy. Plus, lots of people told us "cats are easy" and "you don't need to do much with them" - which is totally wrong.

We became "cat people" pretty much overnight and quickly noticed there was and still is a lack of quality travel products and companies dedicated exclusively to cats. 

Shortly after, launched Travel Cat. 

We have been and always will be a company dedicated to making high quality, safe products for cats and building community and resources for cat people.

We are on a mission to help people realize that cats aren't "easy" because they sleep all day. Cats need enrichment and playtime to live happy and healthy lives. Going safely beyond the great indoors with our Travel Cat gear is one way to do that. From backyard exploring to hiking in national parks and everything in between, we're here to support your journey. 

We've quickly grown to be the #1 cat travel brand in the world.

We also adopted a brother for Andie, Wilfred in 2018.

We're grateful to run a company that's dedicated to nurturing the relationships humans have with their cats, and to be a part of so many families around the globe - serving catstomers in 100+ countries.

Our favorite part of growing Travel Cat is all the wonderful cats and cat people we get to meet and interact with within our incredible catstomer community.

We hope you'll join us!


- Emily & Ian, Co-Founders,Travel Cat

& Andie & Wilfie, our cats, our muses, and our meowdels

Proudly Woman-Owned and based in NYC.